Developing your skills at Solutos

It is our goal to support the professional development of our doctors and to promote skill-sharing practices and the business objectives of Solutos.

This is why we introduced a training policy at the start of 2020. 
We welcome the skills development of our employees and support the personal professional development of each and every one. We also regularly organize joint training sessions and trips to seminars.

Skill-sharing – in terms of the lessons learned on the job and particularly education obtained abroad – is crucial to ensure that new knowledge and good practices spread and benefit us all.

We offer a training allowance

We offer an annual training allowance to our employees. This allowance is a non-taxable benefit for the employee, and the only condition is that the training also dovetails with the employer’s interests. 

Our doctors may attend individual training events, or they may join other Solutos doctors on annual seminar trips to Europe.

These seminar trips are planned together, and doctors can share their wishes through a training needs survey.

Webinars and consultation by seasoned professionals

We organize joint training sessions, expert lectures and PIRKKO® software training courses as webinars four times per year on average. These events have been very popular among our doctors.

They provide a low-threshold opportunity for doctors to express their wishes for training and lecturers.

Many of our doctors here at Solutos work largely on their own with the customer. This means that they will occasionally need to consult a colleague. For this reason, we are creating a new system at Solutos to allow younger or less experienced doctors to regularly consult more experienced colleagues.