Greetings from the CEO

In the early summer of 2019, I was given the opportunity to join the extremely interesting operations of Solutos. I had previously worked for healthcare information system suppliers for more than 15 years.

In my most recent role, I managed a software developer operating in four countries, which was acquired in late 2018 by a rapidly growing Dutch group of healthcare undertakings specializing in cost accounting and impact measurement. 

At Solutos, I was impressed by the unique business idea and the passion behind it. By focusing on providing doctors as a purchased service to the public sector, Solutos has gained invaluable insight into the sector.

Clinics and software services

It is difficult to imagine a better operating environment than Solutos for the development of the PIRKKO® and PERHEPIRKKO® resource management software solutions designed to support psychosocial services. 

Our exceptional combination of healthcare professionals and software services creates the ideal environment to effectively implement new evidence-based approaches.

Our resource management support for psychiatry emphasizes the internationally recognized recovery orientation approach. We have developed software solutions for family services and child welfare that apply a systemic approach which is also widely recognized in Finland.

The impact of technology on people is relevant

We see technological development as a positive trend. Digitalization is usually considered a technological change although its actual impact can be primarily seen in the interaction between people and their behaviour, and the ways in which services are organized. We understand this and take it into account in all our activities.

We realize that developing technology requires us to have a high level of competence and to continue to reinvent ourselves. We invest in the competence of our personnel and our entire development ecosystem.  

Public sector health and social services providers are responsible for the wellbeing of citizens and the unobstructed availability of services. As customers of Solutos, health and social services providers are entitled to high-quality services that they can use to measurably ensure low fluctuation of quality and a high impact.

Working increasingly as a network, the health and social services sector is a fascinating operating environment, and we at Solutos are passionate about it.

Kari Lappalainen, CEO (PhD (Admin), MSc (Econ)