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Are you a doctor, a health and social services professional, or perhaps a software developer? At Solutos you can adjust your work to suit your needs and plans. You can work remotely, locally, or both, or focus on shorter projects, for example.

We offer plenty of work to do, new customer contracts, and a great atmosphere.

Our active community of experts is on the lookout for more skilled, motivated, and development-oriented doctors and other healthcare professionals, as well as the occasional administrative expert, to help our clients and further develop our operations.

Ready to become a proud member of the Solutos team?

We will help you plan your career and allow you to work as you wish in both the short and the long term.

We respond to our employees’ wishes and concerns, listen closely to the thoughts and opinions of our personnel, and take the individual circumstances of each and every one into consideration.

We offer highly competitive wages, excellent conditions of employment, and other benefits.

Let’s develop the health and social services sector!

In the ’reform guarantee’ projects of Solutos, you get to develop a new service concept in cooperation with public healthcare and the Solutos team.

At any one time, our growing team is looking for:

  • specialists in adult, adolescent, and child psychiatry
  • doctors specializing in psychiatry
  • substance abuse doctors

and occasionally

  • psychologists, Masters of Health Sciences, social workers, therapists, and other professionals for administrative positions.

Send us your open application and CV: rekrytointi@solutos.fi.

If you need more information, please contact:

Kari Lappalainen
040 569 2840


Kalle Horjamo
040 569 2840


Contact us and we will let you know how you can join our growing team!